Sponsors and CROs

Streamlining the trial process end-to-end

Give your team the tools to work smarter

Could you improve profitability and the integrity of your studies by first taking control of your data and then getting it to the FDA faster?

By seeing both the transcribed data and the handwritten source document backing it up, you greatly reduce the need for the time-consuming and often frustrating query process, so you can get the data to the FDA faster.

Docutrial’s unique data and document management system makes this possible in the first place because SDV is available in minutes, (not weeks or months) and last-patient-to-last-visit to data lock is available literally overnight.  And having all your sites on the same platform means data collection is efficient, consistent and problem-free.

Docutrial Makes Trial Management Easier

These user-friendly features make your life easier:

• Monitor multiple studies 24/7 on one user-friendly dashboard
• Access the data from anywhere, anytime, on any device
• Use emails and sticky notes for comments and questions
• Easily download test results, labs, and imaging
• Manage calendars, reminders, and inventory
• Review the audit trail from any device

Docutrial also has an EDC module

Imagine replacing your current complicated EDC with one common platform for all your study sites, and having direct data flow from source documents.


The time and cost savings over an entire trial can be quite significant when you use DocuTrial. Protocol execution is easier with the help of DocuTrial. The simplicity and organization of the software can reduce the number of errors and discrepancies in the data, saving you money and time. The ease of use can free up researchers’ time, allowing them to do actual research instead of wasting time on redundant paperwork. In addition, you can reduce your travel costs by reducing the number of physical visits to the facility.

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Docutrial

“I just wanted to thank you both and commend you for your work in this program and on the Source Documents.  This … meter portion worked beautifully today (as did everything else) when we did the data entry and I really like the feature that allows taking and uploading pictures straight into the Source Doc.  This is going to change our industry!  (Site manager’s) CRC’s were leery at first but, this afternoon they were excited and eager to learn more and (CRC) even said she wanted it for all of her other studies LOL!!! 😊😊😊”