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Solutions for Clinical Research Sites

We know the importance of clinical research sites: we are one, ourselves! As researchers ourselves, we know that we can transform medicine and make significant differences in the way patients are treated. In addition, we know what you need in order to produce quality data. We know the types of dedicated, hardworking people who conduct clinical research. We want to help you succeed in your quest to carry out excellent clinical research that will help improve the safety and quality of peoples’ lives.

To run a successful clinical trial, you need a way to efficiently manage the volumes of data that you collect. You need a simple way to keep track of information that will help make complex procedures easier. DocuTrial can help.

Why should clinical sites transition to an electronic source?

Increase Your Site’s Efficiency

The old way—printing off hundreds of pages of information and archiving them in multiple physical binders—can be a big time-waster. You’re supposed to be conducting trials, not drowning in paperwork. Inefficient, inconvenient data storage methods can greatly compromise your ability to provide high-quality service. When we manage your data storage you can stop wasting time and resources and start focusing on what really matters: your trials.

Make Your Documents Easy to Access

You can record data in exactly the same way you always have. The only difference is that it’s all stored online and it’s easier to access. Our virtual “binders” will allow you to store all necessary data in a way that is not just convenient and space-saving, but also simple to navigate, fully compliant with all regulations, and readily accessible. We offer both workflow solutions and document management all in one place. Whether you make the decision to use an e-source site for environmental reasons or reasons of convenience, both are equally valid.

No More Paper = No More Clutter

Our electronic source is different from the rest. Though there are other electronic sources out there that are also tailored to clinical research sites, very few of them offer everything in one program. We allow you to go entirely paperless, storing all of your data within a single e-source. When you use DocuTrial, you won’t have to worry about storing and organizing paper, whatsoever.
Technology has the ability to transform the clinical research industry. At DocuTrial, we’ve harnessed modern technology in a way that will help you to deliver clinical trials in a much more effective, efficient way. Source docs, ISF, and case report forms are all in one system with DocuTrial, allowing you to do what you do best without worrying about document storage.