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A next-generation tablet-driven platform that’s smarter and easier to navigate

Designed to be Intuitive and flexible

Docutrial is a single sign-on platform for eSource, ISF, eReg, CTMS, and EDC.  It’s flexible so you can use the modules you need and add more as you progress.  The transition from paper or other more complicated or expensive electronic systems is so simple that the training takes about an hour.

Sites use their own source documents which they turn into PDFs and scan into the iPad, and then set up the files the way they are familiar with.  Data is captured with an iPad pencil in free-form and you can write anywhere on the page.  In other words, the platform mimics paper and is not just a “fill in the box” data-driven format.  Obtaining signatures, importing reports and images, and sending or receiving documents is all very simple.

Be patient-centered and get the whole picture

Focus on the patient and the research, not the technology

Instead of sitting at a keyboard with your eyes glued to the screen, you can sit with the patient and write notes and complete your forms just like you would if you were using pad and paper. You won’t have to close out and search if you need to jump forward or back because you can easily scroll with the iPad and have multiple documents open at once.

With handwritten notes, instead of using a keyboard to fill in forms, you are much less likely to miss an important comment from the patient. And then of course you don’t have to waste time filing papers, making copies, looking for misplaced documents, and eventually boxing up everything and paying for storage.

Built-in features that make your life easier

The platform is designed to anticipate your needs and avoid frustration rather than require you to learn a new way of doing things. Features like sticky notes for reminders that are not part of the audit trail, easy search functions, and electronic consent, are all just part of the built-in flexibility on the platform. You can also erase anything until it is saved and then everything is saved to the iPad so if there is a problem with the internet connection, you won’t lose any information.

No More Paper = No More Clutter

Our electronic source is different from the rest. Though there are other electronic sources out there that are also tailored to clinical research sites, very few of them offer everything in one program. We allow you to go entirely paperless, storing all of your data within a single e-source. When you use DocuTrial, you won’t have to worry about storing and organizing paper, whatsoever.
Technology has the ability to transform the clinical research industry. At DocuTrial, we’ve harnessed modern technology in a way that will help you to deliver clinical trials in a much more effective, efficient way. Source docs, ISF, and case report forms are all in one system with DocuTrial, allowing you to do what you do best without worrying about document storage.

Here’s what our clients say about Docutrial

It’s a simple transition from paper to Docutrial which then enables both coordinators and CRAs to work more efficiently, saving time and money for the site

“I would never switch to any other eSource/eRegulatory system at this point. DocuTrial has changed the documentation drastically within my research site as I was completely paper prior. Now, I don’t even have sponsors/CROs send me an ISF to start the trial. Our documentation is much quicker and my regulatory person access his files with ease. Our start up process is much quicker, my data entry happens with ease, and the fear of losing documents is gone. My office is so much cleaner now with no paper or binders used.”

Kaylee White, MA
Site Director
Princeton Medical Institute

DocuTrial saves the day for Covid studies after an easy transition from paper and a disappointing experience with a competitive electronic system

“Pinnacle Research Group is a 24-years and counting Multi-Specialty Research Site that excels in the quality of data provided to its customers/sponsors. The genesis of this quality relates to the design and functionality of source documents, and Pinnacle is very good at this. After a recent attempted transition from paper to electronic source documents it was determined that the functionality of that e-system caused a decline in quality, which was not acceptable, so a return to the trusted paper source was necessitated. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of COVID studies at our site, it was necessary to re-introduce electronic source documents. It was at this point that Pinnacle discovered DocuTrial (Sentral Binders) and realized that it would meet all the requirements of an e-system and would also function as well or better than the existing paper system. Additionally, in contrast to the earlier e-system, we discovered not only that the pricing structure was straightforward and easily understood but also that implementation was simple and was in fact done in the real-time setting of a critical study. The ease of implementation is crucial as delays in the timelines of research studies are unacceptable. With the introduction of DocuTrial into its process Pinnacle Research Group has been able to successfully implement the electronic requirements necessitated by COVID studies, including eSource and electronic consent, while maintaining its high standards of quality.”

“Additionally, it has been a lifesaver when it comes to remote monitoring, as the system provides remote access to study data to the CRA, saving many hours of scanning/uploading paper documents. DocuTrial has been since expanded beyond COVID studies at Pinnacle.”

Tracy Sims
Managing Partner, Pinnacle Research