About us

Our Story

DocuTrial was created by the team at Sentral Clinical Research Services. After using it ourselves for about a year, we believe DocuTrial really has the power to transform the industry.

Within our own facility, we’ve noticed a huge difference since we started using DocuTrial. Our software is convenient, accessible, and efficient. It not only eliminates storage issues, but also eliminates a lot of clutter in our office. Everyone knows how to find a document at any time. Our clinical research facility is running more smoothly and even our sponsors and CROs are impressed.

DocuTrial is the only software platform that allows for a 100% paperless clinical research site. We developed our software to improve efficiency at the site level, and to provide sponsors and Contract Research Organizations with the ability to access data more quickly, at a lower cost. Plus, DocuTrial is tested and approved by real-world professionals—this system is created by clinical researchers, for clinical researchers.


Why DocuTrial is Different from the Rest

It’s our goal to transform the way clinical research is done by providing a 100% paper-free process. When you use DocuTrial for your research documentation, you will get both your source documents and Investigator Site Files (ISFs) stored electronically, in a single place.

The Benefits of Using an E-source

Instead of a cumbersome ordeal that requires the physical storage of paper documents, frequent traveling for CROs, and the costs that go along with these things, DocuTrial allows you to view information remotely and at any time. This allows you the ability to identify and correct problems earlier, evaluate employee performance remotely, and save on travel costs. The benefits are clear. DocuTrial is designed to be more convenient and effective than traditional, physical binders, and we hope to pave the way to a new and better era of clinical research.