The next-generation electronic clinical trial platform

Unlike current electronic systems on the market, Docutrial has moved beyond the database framework created 60 years ago to allow computers to work with limited storage and limited data transmission speeds.

Sponsors, CROs, sites and patients all benefit

• Sponsors submit their data to the FDA faster
• CROs monitor all studies 24/7 on a robust but simple dashboard
• Sites easily transition to replace paper or existing electronic systems with a simple, intuitive platform
• Patients receive more attention

Why Choose Docutrial?

Docutrial helps you improve efficiencies, reduce costs and submit data faster. Watch our video to see how Docutrial can benefit your study.


Improve the bottom line by streamlining the closing process, initiating direct data flow from source documents to the EDC, and reducing wasted time on paper management or technical issues


One platform with a simple dashboard to manage and monitor eSource, ISF, eReg, CTMS, and EDC


Sites use their own source documents and organize files the way they are familiar with so transitioning from new or existing studies is simple


Data is collected with an iPad and pencil which mimics paper, meaning you can write free form anywhere on the screen, use sticky notes, collect signatures and review handwritten notes


With DocuTrial, you can save big on travel costs by viewing documents remotely. You can also catch errors before they turn into expensive problems.


Designed for flexibility, it is intuitive to navigate with just an hour of training and 24/7 tech support with remote access from any device


A Cloud-based system with Microsoft Azure backup and all study data delivered on a flash drive after closing