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Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies & CROs.

Sponsors are often in a tough situation. When you hire a CRO to run a pharmaceutical study, you may not be able to monitor the progress of the study efficiently and effectively. How then will you know if something is off track? Data issues can seriously undermine the credibility of your work. They can also slow down progress, wasting time and money. In addition, it can be hard to maintain a good working relationship with research sites.

If you’re going to run a successful clinical trial, you need a way to monitor the progress of your research site and share data. Traveling long distances and scanning, emailing, and faxing are things of the past: esources are quickly becoming the industry choice. With DocuTrial, you’ll find that you can oversee research and manage your employees much more easily than before, with fewer errors and fewer delays!

With DocuTrial, all documents—source documents, investigator site files, and other necessary data— will be in one easy-to-access place.

Why should pharmaceutical companies transition to an electronic source?


When you use DocuTrial, you can view data remotely, allowing you to monitor the progress and performance more contemporaneously and know whether the project is on track. If it is on track, you’ll have full peace of mind, knowing that the clinical trial is progressing steadily and without hang-ups. If there are any issues or discrepancies, you will know about them before they turn into bigger problems, allowing you to make any corrections or adjustments that might be necessary.


You won’t have to wonder if your CROs and research site employees are doing their jobs correctly and remaining compliant in their processes. With DocuTrial, you can monitor their performance from afar. You also won’t have to send an employee to visit the research site as often, because visits can be done virtually with the remote data access provided by our software.


The time and cost savings over an entire trial can be quite significant when you use DocuTrial. Protocol execution is easier with the help of DocuTrial. The simplicity and organization of the software can reduce the number of errors and discrepancies in the data, saving you money and time. The ease of use can free up researchers’ time, allowing them to do actual research instead of wasting time on redundant paperwork. In addition, you can reduce your travel costs by reducing the number of physical visits to the facility.